About Us

Beautifully installed bathrooms from Diamond Bath – if you are looking for professional service then we should be your first point of call.

When fitting a bathroom for our clients we fully project manage the job from start to finish. Our process starts with ensuring all bathroom sanitary ware, tiles and fixtures are correct. We work out how long the project will take so we can advise our clients of how long the bathroom will be out of use.

We know how hard you work – early mornings, even earlier commutes, long days turning into even longer evenings. Your spare time is precious and you deserve more – from a shower jump-start in the morning to a relaxing bath at the end of the day, the choice is yours. And why shouldn’t you be able to indulge in the finer things?

From individual pieces to the complete set, at Bathrooms. Come we’re committed to helping you achieve the perfect space, at a price which will help you create more than you thought possible.